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REBOLD develops omnichannel activation strategies, based on its proprietary data and a deep knowledge of the consumer to guarantee communication through relevant and personalized messages. We activate and optimize campaigns focused on the consumer and in real time, where technology, artificial intelligence and data allow us to reach users based on their decision process, as well as the sales objectives for our clients.


Omnichannel Strategy

Relevance, return and resilience in every strategy

By established relevant contact points for consumers through any digital platform, we provide data-driven strategies focused on achieving real business objectives. Using precise audience profiling, activation and attribution techniques, we adapt and customize each impact according to the individual purchase funnel phase in which the consumers find themselves.

Customer-Centric: An exhaustive analysis of consumers, their interests, needs and behavior to tailor each initiative to them.
Cross Device and Ominichannel: Individuals are not “desktops” or “mobiles.” They are digital consumers that we have to target at the right time, in the right place, offering them a customized message.
Moments of Truth: Relevance and impact at key moments to achieve business objectives.
Customer Journey: Adapting each touch point to individual users’ specific conversion path as well as their unique interests and needs.

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Managed Services

Experts in Programmatic & Digital Marketing

We are specialists in generating outputs through advanced digital marketing campaigns, based on a deep consumer insight through 1st, 2nd or 3rd party data and their continuous optimization.

Our own Data Science activation methodology is the key to help our clients discover and impact consumers and users relevant to their brands, and to achieve their established objectives .

Our services are founded on four pillars
Custom data clustering: We identify relevant audiences which we can customize when activating.
Strategic Partners: Agreements with the main partners in Adtech and Martech at a global level, to operate the most appropriate ones according to the client's objectives and needs.
Expert teams: Our teams have vast experience in the industry and broad knowledge of everything programmatic and digital marketing.
Rebold AI: We build algorithms and specific ad hoc models for each campaign, with the focus always on meeting objectives.

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Self-Service Programmatic

We license our technology and data, built on the best programmatic architecture.

We provide a unique added value to the market, incorporating our technology, products and data to the most advanced and sophisticated technologies in the market, therefore maximizing results for our clients.

Advertisers can directly manage their own digital display, video, social, mobile, native, audio, etc. campaigns. in real time, taking advantage of the algorithms, models and audiences generated by our Data Science team to impact relevant audiences and maximizing the results obtained with these campaigns.

We base our services on:
Training and service: Ongoing training to make the most of the platform and support with its set-up and problem resolution.
Rebold data available for activation: Pre-loaded audience segments and ad hoc segment generation for self-service use.
Rebold technology: Our own pixels, propensity models, Rebold AID and Bidder, all based on Rebold data and the experience of our data scientists.
Leading programmatic architecture: We build technology on top of one of the leading platforms which constantly evolves, allowing quick and preferential access to all existing inventory.

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Personalized one-to-one communication for each user

We customize each impact, adapting it in real time to each consumer’s individual context, interests and needs, thus multiplying their interest in the brand or product and increasing the campaign’s conversion rate and ROI.

  • With an advanced DCO strategy, Rebold customizes the campaign message in real time to each user
  • We customize each impact according to the individual user’s customer journey, activating them in the different digital marketing channels.
  • Improving the efficiency and response of each impact.
  • Establishing dynamic pricing, message, creative and product strategies in real time according to each client’s needs and the results obtained.
  • We implement web optimization products and multivariant tests through content dynamization tools in order to optimize digital conversion rates.
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Consumer Persona

Unlock data. Discover Customers.

Consumer Persona is a solution designed by Rebold for those brands that want to gain new insights about their audiences, consumers and our client’s users.

The programmatic buying ecosystem is full of competitors who use third-party data, tools and methodologies to provide extremely standard, similar results. Their techniques differ very little from each other, designed to manage the mechanics of the digital ad market instead of achieving what advertisers really want: new customers.

At Rebold we have built a tool that offers what others can not. We have developed Consumer Persona, which offers an exclusive method to discover relevant audiences for brands, converting millions of unstructured and unprocessed digital data into new audiences that can be reached with our campaigns.

Consumer Persona's personalized segments are dynamically created, updated in real time and constantly expanding, based on the millions of data we analyze every day.


Ideas that create results

Our creative team has vast experience in conceptualizing and executing creative units and content, that can help shape your ideas and convert them into pieces of content that generate results.

  • A multidisciplinary creative team, specialized in design, art, copy and programming combined with an in-depth knowledge of consumers, digital media and channels, allows us to translate clients’ needs into creative pieces relevant to their consumers.
  • From the concept to the implementation of creativities for each digital channel, we assure creative end-to-end management.
  • A focus on generating results: ADN Performance.
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In-house Consulting

Incorporating knowledge and operational skills into our clients’ teams.

  • We have extensive experience in helping large firms incorporate new capabilities and knowledge in digital marketing, programmatic management and measurement of digital activity.
  • Our teams are trained with the proper methodology to study a company “as is” and carry out gap analyses depending on where the company wants to go.
  • We adapt the operating model according to the needs of each client and their internal profiles: hybrid model (implants) or in-house (self-service objective).
  • We accompany and advise our clients throughout the process, until they achieve full autonomy.
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Adtech & Martech Ecosystem

Choosing the right technology is key to succeed in digital marketing.

There are thousands of adtech and martech partners across the digital ecosystem that brands can leverage towards their marketing efforts, which is why it’s crucial to choose the partner that will best meet its unique needs and business objectives.

Rebold professionals have vast experience in digital marketing and an in-depth knowledge of the different technologies currently available.

We are experts in identifying and implementing the ideal technological infrastructure to help meet our clients’ specific needs and business objectives.. In addition to implementation, we are dedicated to training our clients’ so that they can autonomously manage this technology.

We develop consulting projects, development, integration and connection of optimal technology stacks to achieve the business objectives of each of our customers.

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Artificial Intelligence

Data science for our clients. We build algorithms and specific models to maximize results.

One thing is clear at Rebold: we know that no single client or campaign is like any other. That’s why we build customized models and algorithms for each campaign and incorporate them in the activation technologies we use.

We generate these models through a unique Data Science methodology that adapts to the client’s needs and objectives and allows to optimize the decision making of the campaign’s technologies and formats.

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