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REBOLD performs data and consumer analytics with the aim to become more relevant for people and optimize the return of marketing and adtech investments. We build predictive models based on your consumer’s decision-making process to optimize both strategic and tactical marketing investment decisions. We structure and analyze your data ecosystem to discover new audiences, channels, behaviors and ways to more effectively connect with your consumers. REBOLD helps you improve the effectiveness and conversion rate of your owned channels.


Content Strategy

Building Brand, Engagement and Changing Perceptions

We help brands to understand in depth each territory, which attributes give them more value, where and when to connect with them; for our messages to be more effective. We actively listen to the communication footprint left by the brand to adapt the communication to what citizens demand.

Our content strategy responds to the following questions:

  • What messages?
  • In which territories?
  • In what channels?
  • When?
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Site Analytics & Optimization CRO

Data + Tools + Team

We help our clients to increase their conversion rates, through the Customer Journey optimization of users in their own environments, based on a robust CRO Methodology.

We carry out an in-depth analysis of each user’s process: since they land through any device, they show interest in the products or services, they perform specific searches, they register or complete the purchase process.

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Data Ecosystem: Audit & Integration

Data + Tools + Team

All companies’ digital transformation projects have as a starting point their own internal knowledge. So we need to start organizing the data, tools and teams through an audit of their entire ecosystem.

How do we do it?

  • Brand audit and diagnosis through: Data, Tools & Team
  • Definition of the strategic plan based on the objectives.
  • Definition of the Data Governance.
  • Selection of the best existing technologies in the market based on the needs and the current technological ecosystem.
  • Implementation of a data integration system between the different tools.
  • Design of internal work processes.
  • Personalized training plan for teams in the management of a data-driven strategy.
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Data Monetization

We do the Intangible: Tangible

At Rebold we have an extensive background in data management and a deep expertise in designing solutions to generate value and profitability.

How do we do it?

  • We manage disaggregated data.
  • Decision-making based on data.
  • Integration of different sources.
  • Analytical vision complemented with business vision.
  • Multidisciplinary team defined by project.
  • Data culture.
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Data Structuring & Visualization

Data Integration and Visualization

We have a great expertise in data integration for its visualization. We make data accessible in real time, in a personalized way depending on: objectives, departments, profiles; facilitating the insights collection in an agile way.

Our proposal solves the multiple challenges that brands face today:
Data Explosion: Multiple platforms and unconnected technologies.
Coherence and Consistency: Redundancy of data, different interpretations (Technologies, labeled disparate between departments).
Conceptualize and Simplify: Need to prioritize and set KPIs to guide actions.
Silos Between Departments: Different visions and interpretations. Stale, inefficient and non-integrated reports.
Business Impact: Difficulty in understanding each deparment value contribution to the business.
Culture: Evolution towards making decisions based on data.

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Digital Transformation Consulting

Big Data and the Revolution of the Data Usage. It is Real.

The Digital transformation is a great challenge for brands that want to manage the huge volume of data they have at their disposal to anticipate the needs of their customers and prospects and to take advantage of each point of contact with the user, to turn it into a personalized experience. At Rebold we help our clients from the decision making process to undertake this change, until its implementation and evaluation.

How do we do it?

  • Our methodology
  • We work with data driven technologies (Agnostics in terms of technologies).
  • Management, Analysis, Activation and Value Attribution of the data.
  • Large capacity of linking infrastructure services with clients’ ad-hoc solutions.
  • Global Business Vision, through the value chain of analysis, strategy, development, generation of advanced models, activation.
  • Implementation at all levels of the company, thanks to specialists in all areas.
  • Development of intelligence applied to data: advanced prospecting models, Clustering (Audience Management).
  • Experience in Data Projects with First Level Brands: Personalization, Customer Data Platform, Smart CRM, Internal / External Monetization and Audience Segments.
  • Technologies implementation.
  • Integration of different data sources in our own business experience.
  • Knowledge of the data market (Purchase / Sale).
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Smart CRM

Smart Data: CRM + Rebold Data

We help brands to get the most out of their data; personalizing each contact with the consumer through the message, product, and strategy; thanks to a deeper knowledge of its audience (Customers and Non-Customers); based on the advertiser's own information + the external information provided by Rebold. We build an updated 360º profile of the user, based on their browsing interests outside his/her own environments.

Benefits that it provides:

  • To have updated information on the user's life status and interests in real time.
  • To increase the share of wallet with current customers.
  • To increase the effectiveness of marketing actions by focusing on specific audiences.
  • To allow the activation of touch points enriched with data in real time and therefore improve the customer journey.
  • To increase the ability to attract prospects from related environments and with relevant profiles; thanks to a greater knowledge of the current customers’ profile.
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Tailored DMP

We collect, integrate and manage 1st, 2nd and 3rd Party Data

We have more than 10 years of experience in data management, both proprietary and third party, helping brands to create their own Custom Data Platform. We collect, integrate and manage all the data around the brand: from 1st party to 2nd and 3rd party data; with the aim to provide value through a clustering of audiences to personalize each touch point and maximize the results of each contact experience with the brand, which translates into greater awareness, engagement, conversion rate and ROI.

How do we do it?

  • Tracking of own environments: web, landings, newsletter; disaggregated by products and depth of funnel.
  • Cross with CRM to integrate customer data.
  • Integration with DMP.
  • Definition of the relevant territories for the brand.
  • Generation of personalized messages by product, focusing on different interests, etc.
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