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REBOLD listens and analyzes the voice of all media and consumers to generate actionable insights related to your brand, sector and competitive industry. We measure the impact of marketing and communication strategies and help you detect opportunities to strengthen your reputation and connection to your stakeholder communities.


Media Intelligence

Measurement and Evaluation of Corporate Communication

At Rebold we promote a change in the communication paradigm. As active members of the AMEC, we have participated in the release of its Framework, which embraces an integral form of communication according to a single framework for all channels. It is an itinerary that serves as a guide to optimize the communication strategy, through a more effective measurement of its effects. We offer a structured and integrating model of the planning and evaluation of any communication, which contributes to generate a positioning of the company for the stakeholders to whom its activity is directed.

We help communication departments to achieve excellence, through more and better reports, that help to make visible and analyze their strategies and results. 4 types of studies with 3 delivery formats: Measurement, Executive Report and Analysis.

Corporate & Brand Communication

It allows to discover what is being said about my company or brand, what feeling is being transmitted, how the messages contribute to build the communication, know the impact and the repercussion of the media communication campaigns.

Product Communication

Study that helps to discover how the communication is distributed across the different products of a brand and its competition, what feeling is transmitted, how messages contribute to build the communication, as well as the impact and repercussion of the media communication campaigns.

Reputation In Media

This product helps to learn the image and reputational impact of a brand / company in media and social media, its reputational opportunities and risks, as well as the most relevant stakeholders with whom it relates. It offers the ability to work with reputation assessment models (Reptrak / Merco) or other adhoc models used by the client to assess their perception.

Sponsorship in Media

Analysis of effectiveness and return of sponsorship campaigns across media and social media. It helps to understand the brand exposition distribution, what feeling is transmitted, what values ​​does it relate to, the impact of the campaigns and the economic return.

In addition, we teach you to optimize your communication strategy: Measurement and communication evaluation course. REBOLD, offers a complete training for the professionals of the communication departments, about measurement and evaluation of the communication campaigns. This allows them to decide which KPIs they want to obtain from each campaign, and provides them with the necessary tools to evaluate if they have met their goals.

Consumer Intelligence

Content Marketing Measurement & Consumer Insights

We show brands the importance of being the first to find out what happens in online media and social networks, in order to quantify and qualify their relationship with the media and their communities. Six types of studies with 3 delivery formats: Measurement, Executive Report and Analysis.

Own Channels Analysis

Study that gives brands, quantitative and qualitative insights that allow them to direct their content strategy or digital positioning, from the analysis of their own channels in social media.

Brand Reputation Analysis

Study that provides the positioning and digital reputation of a brand, to detect strengths and areas of opportunity. Management and evaluation of reputational crisis.

Digital Industry Analysis

Study that based on a context analysis, gives insights to the brands about their recurring market, or about sectors where they seek to position themselves.

Social Media Panel

Study that focuses its analysis on the consumer, focusing from different perspectives such as age, interests and conversation topics. Providing inputs to the brands for their content marketing strategies or new business areas.

Influencers Analysis

Through a connection and relevance analysis, we detect influencers that can support brands in their PR strategies, considering their affinity with the brand and / or campaign values, as well as their digital performance.

Sponsorship Analysis

It allows to understand the impact and return of sponsorship actions in offline media, online media and social media, establishing a basis for improvement.


Media Tracking

  • Helps to know what is said about your brand, sector or competitors across media.
  • Analyses your needs and elaborates personalized searches to collect only the news that are of your interest.
  • Performs quality control to ensure that we have only collected the news that are of your interest and avoid extra work.
  • All the news you need are available from 7.00am CET
  • Accesso 360, is our media monitoring and tracking tool. We track more than three million sources, and across all them we are able to detect what is being said about your brand, in real time.

To know more Acceso 360

Some of the services offered by Accesso 360:

  • Online media news tracking (International, national & regional).
  • Written press news tracking (National and regional).
  • TV and Radio news tracking.
  • Twitter, Blogs and forums tracking.
  • Magazine tracking.
  • News manual review.
  • Real-time deliveries (Monday to Sunday).
  • Alert system (e-mail, WhatsApp and Telegram).
  • Customization of dossiers, alerts and web view with logos and look & feel.
  • Dossier edition (headline and entry text).
  • Creation of dossier templates for your reutilization.
  • Possibility of organising news by: Type of medium, medium, author, scope, economic valuation, advertising schedule.
  • Possibility of downloading customized dossiers in different formats (web, pdf, Excel, XML).
  • Possibility of incorporating own or third party content to the platform.
  • News search by keyword, media type and date range.
  • Personalized Customer Service.