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REBOLD listens and analyzes the voice of all media and consumers to generate actionable insights related to your brand, sector and competitive industry. We measure the impact of marketing and communication strategies and help you detect opportunities to strengthen your reputation and connection to your stakeholder communities.


Brand Analysis

Analysis of brand media presence

Brand Analysis provides a multimedia and transversal view of how the media and consumers perceive a given brand or company and its products. This enables us, in a timely manner, to detect where it has to increase its presence, what messages it needs to strengthen or modify and how many people it reaches to thus improve its positioning.

  • Monitors and analyzes the brand’s and/or its products’ presence in offline, online and social media content, providing an extremely comprehensive view of what people are saying.
  • Helps brands understand what people are saying about them and their products/services, what feelings they transmit and how these messages contribute to build effective communication.
  • Optimizes the brand’s marketing /communication strategy, analyzing the results of its communication campaigns, and comparing them to competitors to evaluate the brand’s performance in the general industry, and identifying opportunities for improvement.
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Digital Intelligence Center

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Today’s digital transformation has generated an enormous amount of data and the need to intelligently exploit and incorporate that “smart data” into the decision-making process.

Our Digital Intelligence Center unifies, processes and contextualizes our clients’ data by creating a solid data architecture to visualize and use that information (ad hoc analyses, consulting, strategic guidance, etc.). It offers quality insights and discovers new opportunities while avoiding risks.

  • Uses data to support decision-making, optimize results, prevent contingencies and reorient strategy.
  • Offers a unique and coherent view of the information (access by different departments).
  • Reduces the time dedicated to reporting (data processing/integration/calculations/writing reports/incident-handling).
  • Provides flexibility, comfort, autonomy and quick access to the information.
  • Helps improve work processes.
  • Through interaction and feedback: ongoing learning and improvements.
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Industry & Brand Territories Analysis

Analysis of brand media presence

Industry & Brand Territories Analysis identifies differentiation opportunities within the industry compared to competitors and allows brands to timely detect any potential consumer obstacles.

  • Determines the current situation in a given industry, tracking how the content spreads or is searched for in online, offline and social media.
  • Analyzes the brand’s positioning compared to other brands in the industry and how people perceive them. We also identify what consumers, media and other players value in regard to commercial offerings.
  • Identifies market opportunities for the brand and its products.
  • Detects the keys to optimize the company’s content marketing and SEO/SEM strategies, establishing priorities and calculating the investment needed for the firm to achieve its goals.
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Influencers Analysis

Listening to and identifying living communities

This service enables companies to discover the communities in which its consumers and industry stakeholders are most engaged. This allows us to identify key players, issues, behavioral patterns and content with which companies should align its brand.

  • Identifying influential digital communities through interactions between authors (through affinity and/or interest) of online publications and social media, all based on our own technological developments.
  • Analyzing trends and locating the key experts by subject areas.
  • Helping companies effectively connect to their consumers by identifying the communities and leaders organized around the brand.
  • Providing the best viral content strategy according to the interests of those taking part in the conversation.


Media monitoring

Monitoring helps you discover what’s being said about your brand, industry and competitors in all types of media: press (online and offline), radio and TV.

  • Analyzing your needs and preparing customized searches to only find the news items that interest you.
  • Collecting all the day’s news items from the media and classifying them with our Big Data tools so that you have all the information about your brand, industry and competitors.
  • Adopting quality control measures to ensure we only collect news items that interest you and thus avoid giving you extra work.
  • Having all news items available to you as of 7 am.

Acceso 360 is our media monitoring and tracking tool. Accesso 360 tracks more than three million sources, from which REBOLD is able to detect what they say about your brand, in real time. We have a personalized listening system in which you decide how you want to obtain the information by: content, media, target, etc.

Access 360 allows you to receive every day with a single click, exclusively what you are interested in, within the format that best suits your needs: web magazine, dossiers, online publications, alerts, scorecard, etc.

To know more go to Acceso 360

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Analyzing and listening to social media

The Brandwatch platform has been designed to monitor and analyze all the relevant data in online media and/or social media, in real time. This service allows us to report on and analyze everything that people are saying about a brand in social media (industry and competition), report on its results in terms of reputation and take control to avoid online crises.

  • Provides a complete overview of what’s being said by monitoring and analyzing the brand’s and/or its products’ presence online and in social media content.
  • Helps brands understand what people and stakeholders are saying about them and their products/services, what feelings they transmit and how these messages contribute to create a stronger communication plan.
  • Analyzes the results of its communication efforts, contextualizing these compared to competitors to assess their performance within the global industry context and identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Allows firms to stay ahead of online crises and receive comprehensive reports when they do occur.
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Analysis of sponsorship campaign effectiveness and return

This service allows firms to understand the impact of and return from sponsorship initiatives in offline, online and social media, thus identifying areas for improvement.

  • Monitors and analyzes the brand’s and/or its products’ presence in offline, online and social media content, providing an extremely comprehensive view of what people are saying.
  • Measures the media return on sponsorship initiatives in terms of the news items published, their impact on audiences and the equivalent economic value.
  • Helps understanding this repercussion in terms of engagement and consumer response.
  • Informs on the impact of sponsorship initiatives before, during and after events and/or projects, respective to each event.
  • Details the content (messages and images), formats and positions that achieve the greatest visibility, engagement and conversion per channel and support for the target audience, and recommends those that can be strengthened.
  • Evaluates the effect of offline actions on online and social media and vice versa.
  • Assesses the evolution of sponsorship campaigns with respect to advertisers’ objectives and suggesting possible areas for improvement.
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