Acceso unveils a new corporate image in line with the company’s evolving experience

2015 abril 08

Acceso unveils a new corporate image in line with the company’s evolving experience

Acceso’s new brand image reflects is new positioning in Media and Consumer Intelligence

  • Acceso has designed a new corporate image to match the innovative portfolio at the cutting-edge of media and consumer intelligence offered to its clients in more than six countries.
  • The change brings together all the essential values offered: technology, methodology and expertise, providing personalized solutions to interpret consumer trends in order to optimize marketing and communications strategies of the brands.
  • Acceso forms part of the ISP Digital group, a global organization offering solutions backed by Data Science for brands to help them connect with their customers.

Madrid, April 8, 2015.- Acceso unveils a new corporate image in line with the company’s positioning and its transformation into one of the benchmark firms in the Media and Consumer Intelligence Market. The new image goes beyond renewing the visual logo. It involves a new form of transmitting the company’s current reality to the market: this is a company that has managed to take the lead in technological innovation and services in an ever more critical sector to develop communications and marketing strategies for brands which require complex Big Data and Data Science solutions in order to take decisions.

Acceso is specialized in listening and analyzing media and customer voices to generate important insights for brands, pioneering these services in Spain and Latin America. Although Acceso started as the first platform to monitor appearances in the media and develop media rooms in Spain, it has managed over 28 years of history to create a disruptive service offer within analytical intelligence based on three differentiating pillars: Acceso’s proprietary technology and methodology, and a team with great expertise. Together with the other companies which make up the ISP Digital group, Acceso is facing an important international growth phase, developing services which must be presented to the market in a new form.

The new image seeks to transmit this change, not only through a new logo, but also through a complete projection of its new business reality. In this way, the company has overhauled its services portfolio, covering all client needs in the areas of: reputation and corporate image; market research and consumer intelligence; and marketing, communications and PR consulting.

The contents on the new website follow these lines, designed to generate a more complete user experience where clients can see their needs reflected, finding solutions and tailor-made proposals for each and every need.

What is the new image like?

The renewed image is the result of a process involving the company, as well as its clients and employees. Its principal goals are:

  • To transmit an identity which reflects both the values that the company identifies with as well as the values recognized by the market: Acceso is a reliable, professional team offering tailor-made solutions in a holistic and highly innovative manner.
  • To communicate its client-focused orientation thanks to personalized services based on actively listening to client needs.
  • To generate greater knowledge about the challenges to brand reputation that clients face within the new communications arena opened by digital channels.

The most important aspect of the project is Acceso’s commitment to develop a ‘client-centric’ strategy, designed by and for its clients and supported by its insights. As such the added value proposal has been created on the benefits that Acceso provides its clients and not on the functionality of its services.

The company has relied on Morillas, an agency specialized in branding, which has participated throughout the brand renewal process. Luis Morillas, the company’s CEO, explains that “the motto ‘Intelligence to shine’ follows along this same line. The brand’s philosophy seeks to empower clients, to provide them the unique and relevant information that they need to obtain the best results and ensure that their brands shine. Visually it is a bold new look, full of color and strength. The visual tone gives the brand a unique personality which can be transmitted in each of its touchpoints. The logo uses a visual metaphor, employing the concept of connections: two or more connectors come together to form part of every letter, while the light and color form patterns which help create a unique and recognizable brand universe”.

Sergi Guillot, CEO of Acceso, further explains the brand-centric work philosophy behind Acceso’s renewed image: “Our goal is to delve into the clients’ needs and into their experience with the brand, that way we help them to communicate and create experiences for their own clients. We are a benchmark company which has grown very quickly by accepting the challenges that the market given us, adding value for the brands. Now, with this new image, we want to express our goal of continuing to be an innovative, cutting-edge firm thanks to the combination of our three essential pillars: technology, methodology and expertise. We want to provide value to our clients in a constantly changing market, where only the brands that courageously face new customer challenges are able to evolve and grow. As such there is an ever greater need to listen to customers and to have information prepared to make the right decisions; a service that requires highly advanced Data Science solutions”.

About Acceso

Acceso is the benchmark company for Media and Consumer Intelligence in Spain and Latin America. It offers clients advanced solutions based on listening, analyzing and interpreting media and social network contents in order to generate important insights for brand marketing and communications strategies. The company has a presence in six countries: Colombia, Spain, United States, Mexico, Panama and Peru.

Acceso forms part of the ISP Digital group together with: Antevenio, specializing in performance and brand marketing; Digilant, a technological platform to optimize personalized online advertising campaigns in real time; and in-Store Media, dedicated to managing and selling advertising circuits at points of sale.

The four companies employ more than 600 people in ten countries spread across Europe, United States and Latin America, with over 120 million Euros of revenue.

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