Rebold Meet Up online

Rebold Meet Up online

The ‘data driven’ term is used to emphasize when the progress of an activity is guided by data rather than intuition or personal experience. This paradigm has transformed a very broad, diverse and eclectic series of disciplines, such as programming, journalism, pedagogy, security and marketing.

Interest in these issues is growing, especially in recent years where data-based decisions are essential to remain competitive in the market. To this end, REBOLD has created the Data Driven MEET UPs, a series of events that will gather great experts on ‘data’ topics to bring together the entire marketing and communication community.

The objective of REBOLD is to provide these ‘data lovers’ with a meeting point that responds to the need for quality content on specific topics.

To date, we have held several Data Driven MEET UPS in Mexico, Colombia and Spain that have touched on topics as diverse as Influencers, Healthcare, Virtual Payment and Wallets, Programmatic Advertising, eCommerce, and others. Given the current situation, this year, we decided to transform our REBOLD DDMU into an Online format, to keep close to the data lovers community through webinars, and to keep offering industry hot topics and current issues via leading professionals’ talks.

Thank you very much for being a DATA LOVER and being interested in our REBOLD Data Driven Meet Ups! On this page you will find all the recordings of the different DDMUs that have been held up to date.


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Consumer Data Privacy & Cookieless: Cómo afrontar los retos para conectar con el consumidor
Webinar - Thursday June 03, 2021

Modelos Publicitarios en Amazon: Search, Display, Video, DSP, Atribución y Dashboard
Webinar - Thursday May 20, 2021

Travel in 2021, Estado y evolución de la categoría viajes en España y tendencias globales
Webinar - Thursday May 6, 2021

Branded Content, El perfecto aliado para las empresas familiares
Webinar - Tuesday March 23, 2021

Audience Report, Strategic Analysis of Media Audiences in Spain
Webinar - Wednesday May 6, 2020

Fighting Back Covid-19 with Pricing & Revenue Management
Webinar - Wednesday April 29, 2020

Getting ready for the return. How to manage transition.
Webinar - Wednesday April 22, 2020

Brands' limits in the Marketplaces
Webinar - Wednesday April 15, 2020

GAMING, The entertainment during crisis period
Webinar - Wednesday April 8, 2020

Brands & Crisis, Strategy of Strategies for bonding with people
Webinar - Friday April 3, 2020

Mr. Data, Lots of Fun for the whole organization
Madrid, CaixaForum - November 13, 2019